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Wolf Creek, Morgan, Switzerland of Ohio, Noble Local, Caldwell, Warren, Fort Frye School Districts

The Ohio Valley Employment Resource (OVER) is partnering our local K-12 schools, post-secondary schools, local employers, and JASON Learning, a national nonprofit focused on K-12 STEM development of localized curriculum aligned with workforce needs, to increase the number of students with strong STEM skills. Together, we provide early exposure to in-demand industry credentials that lead to high paying jobs with our local employers.

JASON Learning Modules

Module 3: SolidWorks    COMING SOON

Module 4: HVAC (Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning)  COMING SOON

Linn Yost, Owner of Micro Machine Works

Liz King, Journeyman Machinist

James Ruble 
Director of Appalachian Manufactures Coalition 

Chuck Adkins
HVAC Technician 

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