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We are YOUR local connection with and we are excited to work with you to achieve your employment goals.  From here you can go directly to or connect with our OMJ center in your county.

Click here to view details about the Youth Services and One-Stop Operator Request for Proposals

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Direct to State website Click here>  OhioMeansJobs |

At the state site, you can search for jobs, post your resume, improve your resume, explore career paths and in demand jobs, prepare for interviews and so much more!  For help on navigating, click the "how to" below.

Personalized service & access to technology at our local offices:

Need personalized service?  Need free access to computer/internet/printers/scanners?  We can guide you on your career journey.  Click below to go to your county's page listing hours, directions and so much more.


We provide free services for you also.  Sample services include, but are not limited to:  job postings, job fairs, upskilling existing employees, wage subsidy for eligible new hires, screenings, labor market information.  Please click on Employers in the top blue bar. 

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