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WIOA Policy

Please click on a policy for a .pdf version.  OVER policy naming structure:  "OVERPL" indicates that there is no corresponding state policy, these policies are sequential in numbering with no gaps.  "OVERWIOAPL" indicates the local area is providing additional guidance to an established state policy, so the policy number corresponds to the state policy.  There are gaps in numbering of these, as the state policy does not always require local additions.  There is a link provided to reference the state policies additionally.
The financial guidance draws on Omni circular and other governmental financial and procurement guidance and is separated into two handbooks (in blue boxes) for ease of reference.

    Explains the Policy Procedures.


    Explains when a Conflict of Interest exists and how to document.

    Explains identifying and protecting Personally Identifiable Information in the One-Stop.

    Explains Customer Rights and documenting them, see Forms page also.

    Explains assistance available to customer to support training efforts.  Please see forms.

     Explains state requirement of self and & family sufficiency.  The area's level is 200% LLSIL.

    Explains local policy on youth incentives and documentation.  Please see forms for required Attachment A.

     Explains the need for accurate and timely dissemination of progress to the Board and the monitoring &  oversight requirements of WIOA and the Omni circular.  Please see forms for attachments.

   Explains follow-up procedures  & includes 2nd & 4th Q letter.

It is the mission and intent of OVER to at all times fully comply with and abide by both the spirit and the letter of Ohio’s Public Records Act.

Records and the information they contain must be well managed to ensure accountability, efficiency, economy, and overall good government.

This policy is to ensure a positive experience for all while protecting the organization and the privacy rights of the customer.

The state sets basic policy to implement WIOA, locally the WDB may add additional guidance.  Please follow the combination of the state and local guidance for the following policies, similarly numbered.

The state defines basic terms to implement WIOA.  Please use the linked glossary to define terms.

  Explains Adult and Dislocated Worker Eligibility, including local "unlikely to return."

    Explains local barrier and 5% Board review.  See Forms for youth barrier list.

    Explains selective service enrollment is a requirement in WIOA. 

    Explains service to those with a close relationship.  See Forms.

    Explains state requirement of dependency determination for all under age 25 .   See Forms.

    Explains case file documentation requirements for WIOA.  See forms.

    Explains Individual Training Accounts (ITAs).  The areas' is $12,000.  85% must be in demand. 

    Explains work experience and provides forms for contracting and documentation of monitoring and oversight.

    Explains priority of service for Veterans, Eligible Spouses and Family Caregivers.  Replaced 15-20 on 6/19/2017 because of state update.

Incumbent Worker Training [IWT] Guidelines

    To ensure the safe and efficient operation of a Disaster Recovery National Dislocated Worker Grant

    To ensure the safe and efficient operation of a Disaster Recovery National Dislocated Worker Grant

Rapid Response __________________________

Operation of OVER office Only___________________________________________________________

OVER Cost Allocation Plan for Fiscal Agent/Staff to the Board

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