Item List

Certificate of Exemption from Investment Policy Filing

Disaster Recovery - Contingency Plan

Link to State of Ohio WIOA policy page

The state sets basic policy to implement WIOA, locally the WDB may add additional guidance.  Please follow the combination of the state and local guidance for the following policies, similarly numbered.

Link to State of Ohio Workforce Development Glossary page

The state defines basic terms to implement WIOA.  Please use the linked glossary to define terms.

OVER Cost Allocation Plan

OVER Cost Allocation Plan for Fiscal Agent/Staff to the Board

OVER Employee Handbook

OVER Federal Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA)

OVERPL 1-15 OVER policy procedures

    Explains the Policy Procedures.


OVERPL 1-16 OVER Youth Incentive

    Explains local policy on youth incentives and documentation.  Please see forms for required Attachment A.

OVERPL 1-17 Follow-up

   Explains follow-up procedures  & includes 2nd & 4th Q letter.

OVERPL 2-15 Conflict of Interest Board & Staff

    Explains when a Conflict of Interest exists and how to document.

OVERPL 2-16 Monitoring

     Explains the need for accurate and timely dissemination of progress to the Board and the monitoring &  oversight requirements of WIOA and the Omni circular.  Please see forms for attachments.