Workforce Area 15 - Policy Page

Ohio WIOA15 Workforce Development Board sets workforce policy for the area.  Some policies are local only and start with OVER; whereas other policies start at the state, these begin with WIOA.  For these policies, start by reading the State policy at:  State Policy and Guidance Information | Office of Workforce Development | Ohio Department of Job and Family Services then our local decision points are contained in below policy of same name.  Not all state policies require local decisions.   This method was designed to provide the reader the full and current version of both state and local policies while clearly showing the local customizations.

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Other forms
OVERPL 1-15 OVER policy procedures

    Explains the Policy Procedures.


OVERPL 2-15 Conflict of Interest Board & Staff

    Explains when a Conflict of Interest exists and how to document.

OVERPL 3-15 OVER Personally Identifiable Information

    Explains identifying and protecting Personally Identifiable Information in the One-Stop.

OVERPL 4-15 OVER Rights Dissemination & Complaint Policy

    Explains Customer Rights & links to State Complaint Manual.  Explanation required to be signed & dated. 

Explanation of Rights Form
OVERPL 5-15 OVER Supportive Service Policy Revised 8/28/18

    Explains assistance available to customer to support training efforts.  Documentation of need required.

Documentation of Need
OVERPL 6-15 OVER Determination of Self Sufficiency and Family Sufficiency

     Explains state requirement of self and & family sufficiency.  The area's level is 200% LLSIL.

Self Sufficiency Form
OVERPL 1-16 OVER Youth Incentive

    Explains local policy on youth incentives.  Form required for usage.

Youth Incentives Form
OVERPL 2-16 Monitoring

     Explains the Board monitoring & oversight requirements of WIOA and the Omni circular.  

Please see Monitoring Section of Website under Our Policies for separate documents.
OVERPL 1-17 Follow-up

   Explains follow-up procedures  & includes 2nd & 4th Q letter.

Exit Form
OVERPL 2-17 Public Records Request

Pease contact Michelle Hooper at for all requests.

Public Records Request form (optional)
OVERPL 3-17 Records Retention

Records and the information they contain must be well managed to ensure accountability, efficiency, economy, and overall good government.

OVERPL 4-17 Social Media Policy

This policy is to ensure a positive experience for all while protecting the organization and the privacy rights of the customer.

Link to State of Ohio WIOA policy page

State WIOA policy link.  Please follow the combination of the state and local guidance for below policies, similarly numbered.

Link to State of Ohio Workforce Development Glossary

The state defines basic terms to implement WIOA.  Please use the linked glossary to define terms especially income (at end).

OVERWIOAPL 15-02 Adult and Dislocated Worker Eligibility, see also State policy.

  Explains Adult and Dislocated Worker Eligibility, including local "unlikely to return."

OVERWIOAPL 15-03 Youth Program Eligibility, see also State policy.

    Explains local barrier and 5% Board review.  See chart at end for youth barrier list.

5% WDB Request form
OVERWIOAPL 15-04 Selective Service Registration, see also State policy.

    Explains selective service enrollment is a requirement in WIOA. 

No Selective Service Review Letter
OVERWIOAPL 15-05 Serving Applicants with a Close Relationship to WIOA, see also State policy.

    Explains service to those with a close relationship with WIOA personnel.  Form must be signed and dated.

Related Party Form & List
OVERWIOAPL 15-06 Determination of Dependent Status, see also State policy.

    Explains state requirement of dependency determination for all under age 25 .   Form Required for those under 25.

Dependency Documentation
OVERWIOAPL 15-07 Source Documentation for WIOA Eligibility, see also State policy

    Explains case file documentation requirements.  Must use links at end of policy for acceptable documentation.

Use links in policy for guide and forms.
OVERWIOAPL 15-11 Individual Training Accounts Usage and Restrictions, see also State policy.

    Explains Individual Training Accounts (ITAs).  The areas' is $12,000.  85% must be state in demand or critical jobs.  Forms required.

ITA Rules and Cost form
OVERWIOAPL 15-12-13 Work Experience for Youth & Adult/Dislocated Worker

    Explains work experience and provides forms for contracting and documentation of monitoring and oversight.

OVERWIOAPL 15-20.1 Priority of Service for Veterans, Eligible Spouses and Family Caregivers, see also State policy

    Explains priority of service for Veterans, Eligible Spouses and Family Caregivers.  Replaced 15-20 on 6/19/2017 because of state update.

OVERWIOAPL 15-22 On the Job Training (OJT) Procedures, see also State policy

    Explains use of On the Job Training.

OVERWIOAPL 15-23 Incumbent Worker Training [IWT] Guidelines

Incumbent Worker Training [IWT] Guidelines

OVERWIOAPL 17-06 Disaster Recovery National Grants

    To ensure the safe and efficient operation of a Disaster Recovery National Dislocated Worker Grant

OVERWIOAPL 19-01 Services Under the Opioid Emergency Recovery Grant

    To ensure the safe and efficient operation of a Disaster Recovery National Dislocated Worker Grant

Rapid Response __________________________

Rapid Response Contact List

Rapid Response Protocol Chart

Operation of OVER office Only___________________________________________________________

Disaster Recovery - Contingency Plan

OVER Cost Allocation Plan

OVER Cost Allocation Plan for Fiscal Agent/Staff to the Board

Certificate of Exemption from Investment Policy Filing

OVER Federal Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA)

OVER Employee Handbook